A Study on Social Acceptance of Surrogacy in Mysuru City

Kumudini Achchi, R Revathi, S Kavitha


Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or a person. It is also considered as the ‘womb for the rent’. It is not only a medical issue but also a social, cultural, economic, emotional issue. To understand the factors that are influenced by the social issues such as acceptance of practice of surrogacy by Mysurians a study was conducted. The technique of pre-test, model intervention and post test was adopted to assess the influence of social factors. Descriptive and diagnostic research design was adopted along with interview schedule as a tool to elicit data from the 60 respondents with different educational background. Data was collected at three stages: pre-test, intervention and post-test. For statistical analysis of collected data Contingency Co-efficient and Chi- Square tests were adopted by using SPSS Package.

Study reveals that majority of the respondents were unaware of the concept of the surrogacy due to lack of knowledge influenced by cultural factors, with intervention through education the level of positive response towards to the issue seemed to be improved and in the post- test, reaction about the acceptance of the surrogacy socially found less, but slight improvement in positive response could bale to noticed among educated respondents. Thus, surrogacy and its practice were not accepted socially by the Mysurians.


Surrogacy, Social acceptance, Cultural influence, Infertility.

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