A Study on Menstrual Hygiene Practices among Girls Attending High Schools in Nellore City

Sai Venkata Rajyalakshmi, V Chandhrasekhar, E Ravi Kiran, K Vijaya, C Kumar, C Jyothi


In India, menstruation and menstrual practices are clouded by taboos and socio-cultural restrictions for women as well as among adolescent girls. There is a substantial lacuna in the knowledge about menstruation among adolescent girls. Most of the adolescent girls have incomplete and inaccurate information about the menstrual physiology and hygiene. Good hygienic practices such as the use of sanitary pads and adequate washing of the genital area are essential during menstruation.Anecdotal evidence suggest that lack of access to menstrual hygiene (which includes sanitary napkins, toilets in schools, availability of water, privacy and safe disposal) could constrain school attendance and possibly contribute to local infections during this period.With this background, an attempt is made to study menstrual hygiene practices among high school girls.

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