What do School Children know about Eye Injuries and their Prevention?

Kalyani S, Jagadish A Cacodcar, Tanvi Poy Raiturcar


Ocular trauma is one of the most common causes of acquired blindness among children. The present study was conducted to assess the level of awareness among school children about eye injuries and their prevention to increase their knowledge and awareness about the same as there are no published studies on this important aspect of childhood eye injuries. 477 school children between VIIth and XIth of four schools under RHTC Mandur field practice area were administered questionnaires to assess their knowledge about eye injuries.

Results: 92% of the students could correctly identify the sense organs in the human body.

Most of the school children could identify at least three functions of the eye. 71.90% identified three parts of the eye correctly. 90% knew about the anatomical location of the eye. 93 % of the students were aware about the common places of eye injury as opposed to 33 (7%) who were unaware.

45%) could correctly identify the various causes of eye injury and more than half, i.e 267 (56%) could describe the various mechanisms of eye injury.

Most of the school children i.e. 439 (92%) knew about the importance of promptly consulting a doctor in case of an eye injury.


KAP, School children, Ocular trauma

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