A Cross Sectional Study of General and Maternal Morbidities among Female Sex Workers of a Metro City

Meena Kakeri, Rakesh B. Waghmare, Chinmay Gokhale, Sarang Donarkar, Rupam Kumar


Introduction: Globally the issues of morbidity among female sex workers are major concerns but mostly have been neglected.

Objective: To study the general and maternal health morbidities among female sex workers.

Material & Methods: This was a cross sectional study carried out in a red-light area of metro city with the help of a local NGO. Using Purposive sampling method, each female sex worker was interviewed individually by a resident doctor with nonbiased, non-provocative, non-judgmental interview technique.

Results: The mean age of 99 respondent was 29.3 years and 69.2% were migrated from West Bengal and Orissa. 78% were sold by their Husband and family members. The mean age at which they have started sex work was found to be 17.6 years. Current study noted 63.64% female sex workers were mother which is in correspondence with different researchers finding. Home deliveries and early weaning was reported by respondents. 63% females reported musculoskeletal pain, 54% with itching and rashes over body and 45% reported weakness, in addition 38% delineate vaginal discharge and 34% pain in lower abdomen which suggestive of sexual transmitted diseases.

Conclusion: The high prevalence of health conditions is found in female sex workers demands urgent actions.


Female sex workers, Morbidity, Mothers

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