“Organ Donation: Awareness, Attitudes and Beliefs among Medical Students of Mysore, Karnataka”

Amrutha A M, Sushma J


Background: The opinions of the medical community and perhaps most importantly, the attitudes of the public, clearly affect the availability of organs for transplantation. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 181 medical students in a medical college of Karnataka in the month of August 2015. “Direct interview method” of primary source of information technique was used for data collection. A pre-tested semi-structured questionnaire was used to meet the objectives. The data was analysed and presented in simple proportions. Results: A convenience sample of 181 medical students studying in 2nd and 3rd year MBBS in Mysore Medical College were surveyed using self-administered,pre-tested,semi-structured questionnaire. Out of 181 study subjects, 93 were females and 88 were males. Mean age of the study subject was 20.23 years. Majority (n= 150, 82.9%) opined that the ideal candidate for organ donation is the brain dead followed by healthy living donors(n=23,12.7 %) and cadaver(n=07, 3.9%). Students had good knowledge about organ donation. 61.9%students had willingness to donate their own organs.The attitude scores, on the individual items, showed a mean of 2.17 to 3.87 (agree) when asked about approving of cadaver organ donation, willingness to donate one’s own or a child/family members organs, and willingness to discuss organ donation with one’s family.Majority of the students had correct perceptions about organ donation. Conclusions: Thestudents have good knowledge about the brain death and positive attitude towards organ donation. However, there is need for further research on attitude of medical students and other professionals on larger sample and also better education programs regarding the organ donation process. 


Organ donation, Medical students, Brain dead, Organ Transplantation

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