Treatment of Pseudo Class III Malocclusion with Multiple Loop Protraction Utility Arch

Vipul Kumar Sharma, Kirti Yadav, Amit Nagar, Pradeep Tandon, T P Chaturvedi


Pseudo Class III malocclusion has been characterized by an anterior crossbite in the presence of a forward mandibular displacement. There are various methods to correct pseudo Class III malocclusion, e.g., Inclined planes, reverse stainless steel crown, bonded composite resin slopes, tongue blade, the removable appliance with auxiliary springs, and maxillary lingual arch with finger springs. In this article, we are presenting a case of pseudo Class III malocclusion treated with multiple loop protraction utility arch. Patient had functional mandibular anterior deviation resulting into traumatic anterior cross bite and concave profile. We fabricated multiple loop arch wire (0.016”×0.022” blue elgiloy) which was activated at four 90° bends without disturbing other segments of the arch.


Pseudo Class III malocclusion, Anterior crossbite, Protraction utility arch.

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