Critical Analysis on the Concept of Kashyapa’s Phakka Chikitsa in the Management of Motor Developmental Delay

Mangala K S, Gavimath Shivanand


Acharya Kashyapa is considered as the father of Kaumarabhritya and author of a book Kashyapa Samhita or Vruddajeevakeeya Tantra has described the diagnosis of many pediatric diseases and concepts of management. Phakka is a disease complex characterized by a symptom as the child is unable to walk even after the age of one year. Phakkatva denotes that it is a syndrome developing due to various causes characterized mainly with emaciation and gross motor function deficit. Kashyapa has explained the concept of phakka chikitsa in detail. Presently, these types of symptoms are commonly seen in children during early period of childhood as “developmental disorder.” Many conditions are included in developmental disorders, such as developmental delay, cerebral palsy, failure to thrive, motor function deficit, global motor delay, gross motor delay, Down’s syndrome, etc., wherein the development is delayed and child is not able to perform the motor activities. Applicaton of Kashyapa’s concept of phakka chikitsa in motor function disabilities helps to improve the children’s condition in the present scenario.


Kashyapa, Phakka, Motor functions, Developmental delay.

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