Concept of Shatkriyakala as mentioned in Sushruta Samhita

Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Dr. M. Paliwal


Ayurveda, our cultural heritage, is the ancient system of medicine, serving living beings since time immemorial. It is a unique system, in the sense of its fundamental doctrines and concepts. Kriyakala is one of the various important concepts described in Ayurveda treatises. Kriyakala means opportunity or time to administer treatment. These are six in number and are hence known as Shatkriyakala viz. sanchaya, prakopa, prasara, sthansamshraya, vyakti and bheda. It is a concept which describes different phases of a disease in its own unique way. It shows the step wise progress of dosha and disease. Kriyakala is helpful in the diagnosis, prognosis and the treatment of a disease. This very concept is useful even in prevention of diseases.


Ayurveda, Kriyakala, dosha, disease

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