Clinical Study on Menopausal Women in case of Phalini Yoni Vyapad w.s.r. to Cystocele

GM Kavya, Sushila Sharma


Quality of life of women is very much important, especially when she is in her Menopausal age. Prolapse is a common complaint of elderly women in gynecological practice. The pelvic organ prolapse refers to protrusions of the pelvic organs into or out of the vaginal canal. The uterus normally has a limited range of movement. So its position in the pelvis is affected by its neighboring structures. Most women who develop prolapse are of menopausal age. When pelvic floor muscles and the ligaments that support the female genital tract become slack and atonic, they herniate outside.

When women attain Menopause, there occurs atrophy of the body tissues, Genitourinary organs, especially in the organs which have estrogen receptors. In case of weakness of the pelvic floor, atrophy of the muscles and ligaments, there will be drooping down of the corresponding structure; may be prolapse of urinary bladder, even complete uterine prolapse. Procedentia becomes an irreversible condition; surgery or removing the part which is fallen out is the only option left. Complication due to surgical intervention is another major hazard. So early detection and treatment is one of the preventive methods to avoid future complication. Here there is a clinical trial on Menopausal women with Cystocele with a beneficial result.


Cystocele, Menopause, Pelvic organ prolapse, Phalini yonivyapad

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