A Comparative study of the Efficacy of Ayapatra Pralipta Pippali and Plihari Vati in Iron Deficiency Anemia

Ashwathy Kutty, Reetu Sharma, Pawan kumar Godatwar, Gaurav Vaish


Iron deficiency anemia is the most prevalent nutritional disorder in India. It can be effectively treated in line of treatment of pandu. The study was carried out to compare the efficacy of ayapatra pralipta pippali and plihari vati in iron deficiency anemia. In this randomized control study, a total of 60 patients fulfilling the assessment and inclusion criteria were included and the trial was done for a duration of 30 days. It showed highly significant result in subjective parameters like panduta, aruci, daurbalya etc and also showed an improvement in lab parameters like Hb%, RBC count, MCV, MCH etc. This effect can be attributed to the properties of the ingredients of the trial drug such as deepana, balya, rasayana etc.


Iron deficiency anemia, Pandu, Ayapatra pralipta pippali, Plihari vati

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