A Case Report on Mutrakricchra with Special Reference to the Chronic Cystitis with Bladder Atony

Manoj Kumar Chaurasiya, Neerja Jain, A. K. Dwivedi


In Ayurvedic texts, various Mutra-rogas and their management has been described. Mainly eight types of Mutrakricchra has been elaborated. Krichchhrata (difficulty in voiding / pain full voiding), is the main feature but sometimes some feature of obstructions (mutravibhandhata) is also present. In Mutraghat, obstruction is a major feature. According to Acharya Sushrut, Mutrakricchra is a tridoshaj vyadhi, physiological action of urination and defecation is predominantly under the control of Apan vayu, seat of which is Pakwashaya and if this vayu gets vitiated, it causes various genitourinary and anorectal diseases (S. Ni. 1/19), (C. SU. 20/15, C. Si. 1/32-34, A. H. Su. 1/25).

On the basis of symptomatology, Cystitis can be assumed as one of the Mutraroga. Chronic cystitis may result in bladder atony in which there is a declination in the normal bladder tone, may causes increase frequency of micturition, incomplete bladder evacuation, abnormal sensation of micturition etc.


Mutrarogas, kricchrata, Apana Vayu, Mutraghat, Dashmoola kwath, Narayan Tail, Anuvasana Basti, Niruha Basti

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