Chondroid Syringoma of Forearm: Cytological Diagnosis of A Rare Skin Adnexal Tumour at an Unusual Location

Preeti Sharma, Poonam Khambra, Jasmeet Singh, Vidya Jha


Chondroid syringoma is a rare skin appendageal tumour of eccrine origin. Clinically it can be confused with other benign skin appendageal and mesenchymal tumours. Owing to rather nonspecific clinico-radiological features pathological examination is imperative prior to a decisive diagnosis. Fine needle aspiration cytology is a minimally invasive and cost effective diagnostic modality for the pre-operative characterisation of this unusual tumour. We present a case of a 22 years old female with a nodular swelling over her right forearm since 1 year. Fine needle aspiration cytology smears revealed characteristic morphological features of chondroid syringoma which was further confirmed on histopathology. There was no evidence of recurrence at 3 years follow-up.We intend to describe this case due to its rarity, unusual location and to increase awareness about the cytological features of the same.


Benign, Chondroid syringoma, FNAC

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