Ectopic Meningioma Masquerading as a Parotid Mass: A Diagnostic Dilemma Resolved by Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

Amit Kumar Yadav


Meningiomas are common tumors of the central nervous system arising from arachnoid cells. Rarely, they may be extracranial also, known as ectopic meningiomas. Parotid masses are very commonly seen in clinical practice. However, ectopic meningioma presenting as a parotid mass is extremely rare. Cytology literature on ectopic meningiomas consists of case reports only. However, there is no report of ectopic meningioma presenting as a parotid mass being diagnosed on FNAC. The author reports a case of a 70-year-old female who presented with a swelling in the left parotid region since 3 months. It measured 4×3 cm. A clinical diagnosis of a parotid tumor was made. CT scan showed a mass involving the left parotid gland and extending via parapharyngeal space up to the base of the skull. A diagnosis of parotid tumor with extensive local spread was given. FNAC smears showed cells present in loosely cohesive clusters and syncytial fragments. At places whorling arrangement of cells was seen. The cells were oval to spindle shaped with elongated nuclei. Intranuclear inclusions were seen. Psamomma bodies were also observed. Based on these findings, a diagnosis of ectopic meningioma involving parotid gland was made. The diagnosis was confirmed on histopathological examination. The case is being reported because of its extreme rarity. The clinicians and pathologists should be aware that rarely ectopic meningioma can manifest as a parotid mass. 


Meningioma, Ectopic meningioma, Parotid mass, Fine needle aspiration cytology

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