Emerging Public Health Concern and Air Pollution: A Case Study of Delhi’s Air Pollution Governance

Garima .


Air Pollution is a cause of concern in the present world as it is not responsible for only deteriorating our environment but is associated with severe health risks to the human life as well. With the increasing levels of air pollution the burden of diseases on health has increased too in quite evident ways. A healthy environment is prerequisite for the well-being of all and hence handling this risk becomes crucial. Air pollution in Delhi is not a recent phenomenon rather a recurring case. There are several contributing factors to it which combines to make Delhi ‘gas chamber’. This study focuses on the management of this risk, through the governance aspect which can contribute in making Delhi’s air healthy.

This is a qualitative research wherein case study method has been applied to understand air pollution governance as a means of risk management. Delhi which has multi-level governance has become the study area wherein the risk of air pollution is evermounting. This paper also investigates the case of air pollution and its governance in Delhi transversing into a public health emergency in the recent times, keeping public trust doctrine as the conceptual basis to look at governance.

National Capital Territory of Delhi can be considered as a victim of the Air Pollution and its consequent impacts. The lack of integrated approach in Delhi for risk governance makes the governance process multifaceted and a challenging task. From this study it can be stated that emerging public health concern due to air pollution and its governance, have not kept an equal pace even with the backing of legislative measures and intervention of court of law. Right to Life and Right to a Healthy Environment are being violated by increasing air pollution levels in the city time and again. As the levels of air quality continues to be poor, good governance for reducing air pollution is need of the hour.


Air Pollution, Delhi, Governance, Public Health

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