Prevalence of Hypertension and its association with socio demographic factors in Geriatric Population of Rural Varanasi

Pankaj Gupta


Demographic transition and socio- economic transformation have enhanced concern for geriatric care particularly in developing countries. In India, the prevalence of hypertension is lower in rural areas compared to the urban population. Almost half of the elderly population is hypertensive in India. Objective: To assess the prevalence of hypertension among geriatric population and to find out its association with various socio demographic factors. Study Design: Community based cross sectional study. Study sample: 215. Subjects: From three selected villages. Methodology: Interview the subject with the help of pre- designed and pre- tested schedule. : Blood pressure recording was done at the end of interview and clinical examination so that patient becomes relaxed and the instrument was held at the level of heart. Case definition of hypertension was taken as per (Joint National Committee 7) “Systolic blood pressure 140 mm of Hg or more and/or diastolic blood pressure 90 mm of Hg or more”. Statistical tests: Chi square, ANOVA and logistics were used. Results: The mean age was 69.3 years. Mean systolic B.P was 132.97±19.28. Mean diastolic B.P. was 82.44±9.94. Overall prevalence of Hypertension was 35.8%. Male study subjects were 40% and female study subjects were 32.17%. Prevalence of systemic hypertension was 43.4%, 30.7% and 5.6% in the age group 60-69 years, 70-79 years and ³80 years, respectively. In the geriatric age group, prevalence of hypertension decreased significantly (p<0.01) with the advancement of age. The awareness of hypertension was only 9.09%.


Hypertension, geriatric population

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