The journal covers the different fields of epidemiology and public health: contributions are encouraged from the fields of public health planning and control, preventive medicine, clinical trials, vaccinology, psychology, sociology, social work, social determinants, demography and population science, biostatistics, occupational and environmental health, water and sanitation, waste disposal, psychiatry, geriatrics, reproductive and child health, nutrition, communicable and non-communicable diseases, molecular biology, entomology, veterinary science, hospital, healthcare system, health economy,mathematical modelization and computer sciences utilizing for public health. Journal is also promoting scientific inquiry, experimentation, innovation, and published success story of public health intervention to reduce diseases in the community.

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Vaghela, Joyce F, Senior Consultant, Community Health Department, St. Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi
Venkatesh, U
Verma, Anita
Verma, Madhur, Senior Resident, Community Medicine, School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh (India)
Verma, Madhur, Senior Resident (India)
Vernekar, Omkar, Undergraduate MBBS Student, Goa Medical College, Goa, India. (India)
Vijayakumar, Priya, Professor, Department of Geriatric Medicine, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. (India)

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