Surat-e-Nou’ya - An Analytical Description with Special Reference to Unani Medicine

Khan Mohammad Qaiser


The era in which the Unani Medicine was conceptualize, the only applied science exist was Falsafa (Philosophy), hence whatever knowledge exist at that time the ancient Unani scholars validate it through philosophical proposition and discernment. This is the reason behind philosophical dominancy embodied in the classical literature of Unani Medicine. The rhetoric philosophy of Unani Medicine is having numerous concept those are either unexplored or explored but not understood to the extent of its insight to modern scientific world. Hence validation and explanation of such concepts will pave the modern scientific world to understand Unani Medicine better and to the extent of it discern. Surat-e-Nou’ya is one such concept in Unani Medicine which requires to be analyzed intellectually and explaining scientifically. This study is an attempt to explore the semantic of Surat-e-Nou’ya, its understanding in the Unani Classics and in its interpretation in modern day’s scientific world.


Surat-e-Nou’ya, Unani Medicine

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