Awareness of Blood Donation on the Basis of Fasd (Venesection)

Sony Saleem, Farzana Khatoon, Zeenat Nouman, Prof Ashhar Qadeer


Aims and Objectives •To improve awareness of blood donation on the basis of Fasd (venesection) among all healthy individuals. •To make people aware about benefits of Fasd in normal healthy life. •To improve the quality of the donor, confidence and comfort in individuals, promotion of voluntary blood donation. Conclusion: The demand for blood products steadily increases. The gift of blood is the gift of life. One donation can save the lives of three people. Concurrently, blood donor recruitment becomes more and more difficult. This paper aimed to improve the awareness regarding blood donation on the basis of Fasd and review the effects of blood donation on donors, which could be helpful for blood donor recruitment and retention. 


Ilm-e-hifze sehat, Fasd, blood donation

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