Review of Undergraduate Medical Students toward Biomedical Research

Sunmeet Matkar, Pratibha Varpe, Rohit Wakchaure, Ekta Bagaria


Research methodology is an essential section within the medical curriculum of undergraduate (UG) medical students. Correct information and extensive knowledge about biomedical research will definitely enhance their decision-making abilities in biomedical profession. This work was performed to assess the range of recognition about biomedical research among UG medical students. This work involved participation of 110 UG students. A self-administered questionnaire was formulated to gather information concerning the awareness among the study participants about biomedical research. An independent institutional ethical approval was obtained before the commencement of the study. A total of 110 students answered the study questionnaire from second, third and final year. Majority of study participants (95%) remarked that medical research is helpful in their biomedical practice, and that research methodology should be extensively incorporated in study curriculum. Many study participants (94%) realized that different research activities assist them in improved understanding of their subject. Whereas 92% noted that research is essential for updating their knowledge in clinical field, a mere 15% participated in research activities while many participants were oblivious of funding agencies in biomedical research. Crucial factor for poor research was the absence of motivation (29%) followed by biomedical research being less important section in their curriculum (18%). Active involvement of research-based methodologies in the curriculum of UG medical students may stimulate the future batches of physicians to take up biomedical research. 


Research, India, Medical students

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