A Study to Assess the Perceived Depressive Feelings Experienced by Elderly Living with Family Members in a Selected Community of New Delhi

Jamal Fatima Hashmi, Saba Hashmi


Background of the Study: Geriatric population is challenged by many psychiatric co-morbidity. Depression is the most predominant disorder affecting quality of life in elderly. Depression is a major contributor to healthcare costs and is projected to be the leading cause of disease burden in middle and higher income countries by the year 2030. Depression in later life, traditionally defined as age older than 65, is associated with disability, increased mortality and poorer outcomes from physical illness.

Objectives: The objectives of the study were to assess perceived depressive feelings experienced by elderly living with family members in a selected community of New Delhi and to find out relationship between perceived depressive feelings with selected demographic variables.

Materials and Methods: A descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. Sample comprised of total 100 elderly people above the age of 60 years from a selected community of New Delhi through convenient sampling technique. Structured interview schedule was used to collect the data.

Results: Data was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Major findings are as follows: Maximum 54% of the elderly were in the age group of 60-65 yrs., 53% of the elderly were female and 47% were male, 60% of the elderly were Hindu, 31% of the elderly were illiterate and 22% had primary education. With regard to depressive feelings experienced by elderly it was found 63% of the elderly had feeling of memory loss, 63% of elderly found it hard to start new projects, 61% of elderly client felt hopeless about future, 59% of elderly clients preferred staying at home rather than going out and doing something new, 53% of elderly client had dropped interest in most activities in life, 48% had bothering thoughts that they could not get rid of, 43% were unhappy most of time, 47% were feeling helplessness. Results showed that 63% of the elderly were mildly depressed, 23% of the elderly were normal and only 14% of the elderly were severely depressed. No significant association was found between depression and Selected demographic variables.


Depression, Elderly, Perceived Depressive Feelings

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