Effectiveness of Aloe Vera Gel Vs Lavender Oil on Episiotomy Wound among Postnatal Mothers in a Selected Hospital, Mangalore

Preeti Maria Menezes


Introduction: The mother undergoing episiotomy has a greater blood loss in conjunction with delivery
and there is a risk of improper wound healing and increased pain during early puerperium. The objective
of the study was to determine and compare the effect of aloe vera gel and lavender oil on healing of
episiotomy wound and pain among postnatal mothers.
Methods: An evaluative approach with pre- test post- test design (quasi experimental) was used for this
study. Forty mothers who had an episiotomy wound were selected by non-probability purposive sampling
technique (twenty mothers in the aloe vera gel group and twenty mothers in lavender oil group).Each
group received treatment for two days . REEDA scale, anduniversal pain assessment tool were used.
Results: The computed‘t’ value of wound healing (0.623) was lesser than table value (1.96) (t38=1.96,
p<0.05) and‘t’ value of pain (2.307) was greater than the table value (1.96) (t38=1.96, p<0.05). Hence it
shows aloe vera gel and lavender oil were equally effective in wound healing, whereas aloe vera gel was
found to be most effective in reducing pain as the mean post test pain score in aloe vera gel (3.8±1.02)
was lower than mean post test pain score in lavender oil group (4.55±0.97).
Conclusion: The findings of the study indicated that aloe vera gel is effective in reducing episiotomy wound
pain than lavender oil among postnatal mothers.


Effectiveness, Aloe vera gel, Lavender oil, Episiotomy wound, Postnatal mothers

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