Characterization of Tuberculosis positive and negative HIV patients registered at ART Center of C. R. Gardi Hospital Ujjain, M.P.

Tarique Ibrahim, Rashmi Bhujade, B. N. Mishra, Abhinav Sinha, B. L. Bamboriya


Introduction: HIV/ AIDS pandemic has caused a resurgence of TB, resulting in increased morbidity and mortality worldwide. HIV and Mycobacterium tuberculosis have a synergistic interaction; each accentuates progression of the other. Clinical presentation of TB in early HIV infection resembles that observed in immunocompetent persons.


  • To assess the socio-demographic profile and prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis among HIV positive patients.
  • To assess the clinical status in terms of their CD4 count, weight, hemoglobin percentage and WHO clinical stage.

Materials and Methods: A record based study of HIV patients registered at ART center of C. R. Gardi Hospital was studied. A total of 147 patients were studied who were registered during January 2009 to December 2010 at ART center. These 147 patients’ records were separated into two groups i.e. HIV with Tuberculosis (61) and HIV without Tuberculosis (86). Data were recorded from NACO patient’s card and were analyzed.

Conclusion: The prevalence of TB in HIV patients was found to be 41%. Many sociodemographic variables show significant association with HIV TB Co- infection. Difference in CD4 count, weight, Hb%, and WHO stage was also observed in HIV TB co- infection and only HIV patients. All HIV- infected individuals should be tested for tuberculosis prior to the initiation of ART in countries like India where tuberculosis is endemic.


HIV, TB, CD4, WHO stage.

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