Extent of Civil Birth Registration: A Preliminary Study of Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Alok Kumar, K.N.S. Yadava, Vipul Kant Singh


The main objective of this study is to look into the extent of coverage of birth registration in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Vital registration being an important source of demographic data for socio-economic, health and other related planning of a nation particularly at the micro levels, its recognition in terms of its coverage and its value to socio-economic planning cannot be underemphasized. The coverage of birth registration in eastern Uttar Pradesh has been found only 21 per cent-11 and 43 per cents respectively in rural and urban areas. Lack of knowledge about the procedure of birth registration, least interest among the people due to their thinking that there is no use of birth certificate(s), have been found to be some of the important reasons of low coverage of birth registration in the area under study. This study has tried to see the extent of birth registration, knowledge and attitude of masses about it and specific reasons for not getting momentum in birth registration in the region under study. Some ways and means by which the vital registration system can be strengthened in the country are also pointed out.

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