Clinical Establishments Registration and Regulation System (CERRS) in India

Mahima Singh, Rakesh Kumar Singh, MPS Bhatia


The Clinical Establishments Act 2010, as passed by Parliament provides for Registration and Regulation of the clinical establishments with a view to prescribe minimum standards of facilities and services which may be provided by the Clinical Establishments, so that mandate of article 47 of the constitution can be fulfilled. The Clinical Establishments Registration and Regulation System (CERRS) Project enables on line registration and approval. The main challenges in implementation of the project are adoption of the Act by all the States and those who have adopted, the implementation be emphasized in some specific period by the regulating authorities. Some limitations for online registration/renewal of Clinical Establishments have been observed and software needs to be upgraded. In addition, for wider and effective implementation, there should be regular dissemination of information and stakeholders’ participation. The project will pave the way in improving public health for the citizens of the country in due course of time.


Clinical Establishment Act, Online Registration Process, Clinical Establishment, District Registration Authority

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