People’s Attitude towards Healthcare Technologies

Swati Sharma


With the accelerating pace of social and technological developments on health front in India, people’s attitude toward healthcare and in their health-seeking behavior has undergone significant changes. Impact of health-related technologies on population focuses more on improving their quality of life and wellbeing It is now and in years to come, health will attain greater significance, amidst the projections of country’s population to be 1.55 billion by 2035, where a large percentage would be in the younger bracket and would be instrumental in driving the economy. And also, there are projections which assumes rise in geriatric population who would also need to be looked after and provided healthcare. Facilitation of IT-based health, increasing health awareness and literacy skills and exchange of health information among healthcare and public health professionals, is increasingly shaping healthier attitude and behavior of people in delivering health interventions. Furthermore, the availability of personalized self-management tools and resources are helpful in promoting healthy lifestyle among Indian population. This study review highlights the people’s attitude and behavior towards the interventions of healthcare technologies and discusses the technological opportunities to connect with diverse and hard-to-reach population. This article also presents insights from the recently released Technology Roadmap on Medical Sciences & Health Care by TIFAC on enhancing longevity and health span through lifestyle modification, expanding awareness on hygiene and public health and efficient networking of healthcare delivery system through harnessing the potential of future technologies.


Healthcare, Information technology, Futuristic health care technologies

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