A Study to Assess the Effect of Planned Teaching Programme for Women on Knowledge about Cervical Cancer

Bharati Suresh Batra, Hancy Collins


The aim of this study was to assess the effect of planned teaching Program (PTP) on knowledge about Cervical Cancer, 30 women from a selected community were selected using Convenient Sampling Technique after meeting the inclusion & exclusion criteria. The pre-test was conducted using a structured interview questionnaire in the language of their preference after obtaining permission from ----PTP was administered by using Flash Cards. Seven days later post-test was conducted using the same structured interview questionnaire. Data collected was analysed by using SPSS----- The pre-test knowledge score mean percentage is 41.5%, post test score mean percentage is 70% &‘t’ value is 8.27 which is statistically significant at p=0.05. The result of the study demonstrated that PTP on prevention of Cervical Cancer is effective in improving the knowledge level of women. This study can further benefit the women especially in the reproductive age group regarding awareness on Cervical Cancer which would ultimately benefit the overall health related aspects of women.


Cervical Cancer, Prevention, Screening, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Women of Reproductive Age Group

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