Stressors and De-stressors among Student Nurses

Seema Rani, Veena Sharma


Introduction: Stress has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. Student nurses too are not untouched by this phenomenon. Too many assignments, hostel living and exposure to rigorous clinical training act as stressors. To combat these, they adopt various coping strategies.

Objectives: To assess the stressors, level of stress and identify de-stressors among student nurses. Methods: A descriptive survey was conducted on a total of 100 student nurses studying in diploma and degree courses in a nursing college in Delhi, who were selected through convenient sampling. Data were collected using structured questionnaires and analyzed using descriptive statistics.

Results: 98% of student nurses were single. All 100% were female, out of whom 45% were Muslim, 35% were Christian and 20% were Hindu. 41% subjects suffered from mild, 57% with moderate, and 2% with severe stress. Academic stressor category topped the list, followed by clinical, individual and family stressors. De-stressors used by the students included venting, seeking social support, problem solving, intellectualization, etc.

Conclusion: More than half of the nursing students were suffering from moderate to severe stress. Academic overload, examination and result apprehensions, lack of resources in clinical area and long college hours were among the common academic and clinical stressors bothering the student nurses.


Stress, Stressors, Coping strategies, Student nurse, De-stressors

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