Prevalence of Chronic Bronchitis in Selected Districts of Kashmir Valley

Dr. Rinchen Angmo Spon, Dr. Sufoora Bilques, Dr. Iftikhar Hussain, Dr. S.M. Salim Khan, Dr. Inam Ul-Haq, Dr.Yangchen Dolma


Chronic bronchitis causes high morbidity and mortality throughout the world and it is basically a preventable disease. Kashmir being a high altitude area, with people living in poorly ventilated homes and use of wood as a primary source of fuel in some part of rural areas predispose them to respiratory diseases. The aim of the study is to estimate the prevalence of chronic bronchitis in the age group of 18 years and above in Kashmiri population. It was a community based cross sectional study, with multi stage random sample of 912 consenting participants, aged >18 years and above. The overall prevalence of chronic bronchitis was found out to be 5.4%. The study showed higher prevalence among males compared to females, higher age groups, smokers and people living in overcrowded homes, using wood as fuel and majority of them belonged to low socio- economic status. Concluding that prevalence was less than expected but there still remains room for improvement .The common risk factors of chronic bronchitis like smoking , overcrowding and using wood as a fuel can be dealt with educational interventions and raising the socio- economic status. People in common should be educated about this respiratory disease, its complications and its risk factors.


Cross sectional, chronic bronchitis, prevalence, risk factors

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