Management of Intricate S-shaped Root Canals – An Endodontist’s Challenge

Aditi Jain, Vaibhav Mohtgare


The unique morphology of S-shaped root canals often poses utmost challenges in their endodontic management. Common causes of failures in such cases are primarily related to procedural errors such as ledges, fractured instruments, canal blockages, zip, and elbow creations. Knowledge of dental anatomy and its variations is essential for the success of endodontic treatment. A clinician is required to have an insight of the morphology of tooth related to its shape, form and structure before commencing treatment. Routine periapical radiographs aid in assessing these morphological variations in the root canal system. This article gives a review of the literature and reports an interesting case of S-shaped root canals of adjacent teeth in the same patient 


S Shaped canal, Bayonet, third molar

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