Unconventional Fixed Partial Denture: A Simple Solution for Aesthetic Rehabilitation

Amrita Grover, Dr. Pankaj Madhukar, Dr. Piyush Tandan, Surbhi Malhotra


One of the most challenging and complex treatment modalities is replacement of a single anterior tooth. This can be overcome by different treatment options such as implant-supported restorations as well as conventional fixed partial denture or the unconventional treatments such as resin-bonded fixed partial dentures. Loop connector fixed partial denture may be the simplest and best solution to maintain the diastema and provide optimum restoration of aesthetics. The cantilever fixed partial denture is defined as a fixed restoration which has one or more abutments at one end while the other end is unsupported. This article describes the procedure for the application of a loop connector and cantilever fixed partial denture to restore anterior teeth esthetically. 


Aesthetics, Fixed Prosthodontics, Cantilever, Loop Connector

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