Cyclization Reactions for Synthesis of Benzthiazole- A Review

Parul Singh, Ashish Srivastava, Abhinav Prasoon Mishra, Reena Mehtab


Benzoheterocycles such as benzothiazoles can serve as unique and versatile scaffolds for experimental drug design. Among the all benzoheterocycles, benzothiazole has considerable place in research area especially in synthetic as well as in pharmaceutical chemistry because of its potent and significant pharmacological activities. Various benzothiazoles such as 2-aryl benzothiazole received much attention due to unique structure. Development of combination of 2- aminobenzothiazoles with other heterocyclic is a well known approach to design new drug like molecules, which allows achieving new pharmacological profile, action, toxicity lowering. In this review, we discussed various methods to synthesize as well as cyclization of benzothiazole derivatives and various structural alterations conducted on benzothiazole ring and preferential specificities imparted in their biological responses.


Benzothiazole, Cyclization, Catalysts

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