Role of NS1 Antigen in the Diagnosis of Dengue Viral Infection

Anila A Mathews, Appalaraju Boppe, Marina Thomas


Background: Dengue is widely distributed in subtropical and tropical areas of the world; it affects all agegroups and is classified as a major global health threat by the World Health Organization. Detection of dengue virus-specific antibodies is commonly used for routine diagnosis.

Methodology: 81 consecutive serum samples were tested for dengue NS1 antigen in addition to dengue IgM and IgG antibodies and the results were analyzed with other parameters.

Results: Out of 81 samples tested for both antigen and antibody, 53 were positive for dengue infection. NS1 antigen was detected in 12 patients. In five of these cases, neither IgM nor IgG was detected.

Discussion: Viral isolation and RT-PCR are time consuming and expensive. Therefore, their use in routine labs is not feasible. In our study, there were more number of secondary dengue infections than primary dengue cases. Among the 13 cases of primary dengue infection, NS1 antigen was the only marker detected in five cases.

Conclusion: Dengue NS1 Ag detection test is highly appropriate for field-testing conditions, particularly for early acute-phase samples, as its sensitivity and specificity far exceeds those of the MAC-ELISA for such samples


Dengue infection, NS1 antigen, Dengue IgM and IgG

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