Adolescence and Family Life Education

Sharel Singh David, Dennis Martin David


Sex and sexuality are still considered a taboo in various cultures, especially in India and is not often discussed. There is a lacuna of family- life education not only in our home and communities but also in our schools. Although the adolescent age group is generally considered to be a healthy period more than one-third of disease burden and more than half of premature deaths among adults can be attributed to behaviours or conditions that begin or occur during this period; exposing the adolescent to a plethora of issues such as experimentation with sex, substance abuse and violence putting them at risk of both intentional and unintentional injuries, STIs, overdose etc. There is a need to address the issues of this age group through a holistic approach of education. This article makes its case towards the need of integrating family-life education not only at the school but also at the community level.


Adolescent, Family-life, Education, Sex- education, Public health

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