Sleep Distracters in Hospitalized Clients

Sayyeda Sakina Maryam, Bindu Shaiju


Sleep is a basic human need. It is a state of rest accompanied by altered consciousness. Although the exact function of sleep is unclear, people spend one third of their lives asleep.Proper sleep is important to health as good nutrition. Sleep is required for many reasons: to rest mind and body, to prevent fatigue, to conserve energy, to cope with daily stress. Inadequate amount of sleep decreases the concentration, ability to make judgment, and increases irritability. It promotes proper day time functioning.When people are admitted to the hospitals several things change for example, ordinary daily routines are disrupted by a hospital admission which includes eating habits, elimination pattern and also the sleep-wake pattern.Some commonly seen sleep disturbing factors in the hospitals can be broadly classified into three categories. Environmental factors such as noises made by machines, door footsteps of visitors, very bright or dim light in the rooms.Physical Factors such as physical pain, nausea, coughing, difficulty in breathing, ways of drug administration. Psychological factors such as change in environment, financial burden, care of family members at home, outcome of the disease, fear of death etc. Nurses , because of their 24-hour contact with patients is in the best position to recognize and resolve or alleviate these sleep problems.There are some of the strategies that can be used by nurses to eliminate such factors and promote healthy sleep included in the present article.


Sleep, Distracting factors, Reducing strategies

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